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Tellado Realty

At Tellado, we aspire to bring the true essence of luxury to Goan real estate. We believe that hard work

when mixed with quality & fair business practices, is an unbeatable combination. Add to that prioritizing relationships with clients, suppliers, employees & other stakeholders and you've got a

solid and reliable recipe for success.
Our ultimate goal? To create peaceful and harmonious spaces,

where solitude and celebration are within reach.


Tellado Hospitality

Tucked away in the horizon beyond the verdure of Goa, our luxury villas seek to create memories by connecting architecture and design with the mind and body. At Tellado, it is all about one's inner zen - no hassles, no delays. Through reimagined comfort with a service that makes you feel right at home, our urban chic aesthetic brings calmness to the forefront. 
At Tellado, a much-needed escape awaits. So, when are we seeing you?

Hear From Our Founder

We live in a wonderfully diverse nation - a brilliant melting pot of cultures, backgrounds, languages and cuisine. And no other region encapsulates this vibrancy better than Goa. It is this dynamic energy I've tried to distil and bottle down into what we today call Tellado.


Whether it was my early years at Mayo College, a prestigious boarding school where I learnt how to thrive in a diverse and spirited environment or the years at Sydenham in fast-paced Mumbai - every experience has been a stepping stone forward. The MBA that followed brought a different layered perspective while working across industries like banking, manufacturing, distribution and realty, solidified my belief in the importance of quality assurance meeting hard work.


And if you ask me, why Tellado? The answer is simple. Complete transparency and no shortcuts mixed with a healthy dose of empathy - to us, this is not hospitality jargon; it is a serious commitment.


Rahul Agarwal


Meet The Team


Priya Agarwal

Priya, the MD of Tellado. With experience in designing projects of various scales and sizes, she is now the cornerstone of Tellado's interior designing department. Following the motto "Move your business with a new vision," she is mastering the art of heading the hospitality division.


Harshaeta Singh 

Inspired by her dad working in the Hospitality industry for 40 years, Harshaeta truly believes in acts of service. At Tellado, she held the baton and raced with a single motto– “It’s not your customer’s job to remember you, it is your obligation and responsibility to make sure they don’t have the chance to forget you.


Cheryl Henriques

Meet people's person Cheryl Henriques, current sales manager at Tellado Realty, with experience at a London-based real estate firm. With the motto of  "Never stop learning because life never stops teaching," she smoothly took charge of everything while inhabiting discipline, building solid relationships, and resilience.

Get in Touch

Marna Siolim, Siolim,

Goa - 403517


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